Luxury Travel in Belgium and Holland

Travel to Belgium and Holland with us

The Venice of Northern Europe. The art galleries of The Hague. When we think of Belgium and the Netherlands (the name comes from ‘The Lower Lands’) Amsterdam and Brussels are the places we immediately think of, and with good reason. But both countries offer much more to justify a visit in their own right, or a combination of the two. A private visit to see the Van Gogh museum, or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is just a starter to a visit. As you wander the Canals, why not check out a cheese Factory, or one of the many coffee shops or boutiques. Amsterdam is anchored in history, but there is so much modern life here. In Brussels, the Grand Place is the start of a voyage that leads from the masters of painting like Hieronymus Bosch or Jan Van Eycke, and takes us right into the twenty first century with the home of the European Union.


Amsterdam has long been a destination for an exciting weekend break, and it offers enough for a holiday, or as a combination with nearby cities such as Brussels, Frankfurt or even Paris just a short train ride or flight away. The architecture is a principal keynote, as are the delightful canals. A private visit to one of the many galleries and museums is a must see in a visit to Amsterdam, as is a canal cruise. From the dark portraits of Rembrandt to the vibrant colours of a Van Gogh wheat field, or even a trip to The Hague to see some of the masterworks of Piet Mondrian, art is a centre piece of Dutch life. The windmills and tulip fields are some of the many highlights of a trip out of town, as is a highly recommended cheese factory visit. And the hotels are definately world class. Whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon with candle lit evening meals, or a culinary tour of the local cuisine, Amsterdam is a great getaway location.


Travelling south from the Netherlands is the culture and cuisine of Belgium. From mouth watering chocolate to ruby red beers (Belgium has over 1000 breweries) this destination will add a couple of inches to your waisteline and some happy memories for the taste buds. The Grand Place is a mouth opener – a delight of medieval façades and baroque architecture. The narrow streets surrounding it are named for types of food, dating back to when trade was a principal component of the Grand Place. From the world fair of 1958 comes the steel clad Atomium, and below it lies the ‘mini Europe’, with highlghts from all over the continent. Take home some chocolate, try the local beer, and enjoy the fantastic restaurants. A trip to the canals of Bruges is a must see. Once a principal trade city until silt closed the canals, Bruges is a fantastic place for a stroll with you partner. Visit the small square’s such as Markt or Burg, take in the Gothic architecture, and enjoy a city which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

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We loved the trip up to Bruges, it just felt so typical, so perfect. And we bought too much chocolate in Brussels. Wow.


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