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Travel to France with us

This is a country with so much scenery, and such rich culture. From the wine growing regions of Champagne and Bordeux to the fun filled luxury of Paris, with a guided tour of the Louvre or Versailles Palace, this is a place with a real style. Paris itself is the City of Lights and has enough to offer for a week of exploration. Gourmet food and wine, wonderful hotels and iconic architecture. But away from the capital, there is so much more. From the lavender fields of Provence or the rolling valley of the Dordogne, from the cave paintings of Lascaux to the medieval towns of Sarlat-la-Caneda or La Roque-Gageac, or castles straight from the pages of fairy tales, France is a bit extra special. And in the south, take a private yacht to explore the French Riviera. Let us show you what there is.


As a honeymoon destination, or a cultural tour stop, Paris is a must see. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre, the Palace of Versailles with a private guide, or a simple walking tour around the Latin Quarter with dinner on the Seine, this is a place we have seen before we arrive. But with a specialist guide, there is so much more than the typical selfie spots. Discover the real Paris, from gourmet tours to the Mona Lisa smile. And don’t just stay in the city. The Champagne región is an hour away. Visit Reims cathedral, go to the Moet & Chandon or Tattinger wine producers and see how the famous champagne is made. And why not relive your youth and spend a couple of nights at the Disneyland Hotel visiting the parks? We can provide the personal service to make your visit that bit special.


From Reims, we can offer a wine tour travelling down to the Burgundy área east of the Saone river, and on to the Loire Valley. Known as the garden of France, over 100 chateaux are located in this área, as well as the famous vinyards. Visit some of the most beautifull chateaux, and try the wonderful wine. Finally there is the opportunity to visit Bordeaux and some of the most famous vinyards in France.


This is a chance to visit the north of France. From the UNESCO heritage site of Mont Saint Michel, to the home of the Bayeaux tapestry, and the rich history of the D Day landings in Normandy, let a private guide explain the stories behind the places. Or dedícate your time to visit the places where so many young men gave their lives with a dedicated guide.

Provence and Camargue

Van Gogh produced over 150 paintings of this rich and fascinating corner of France. The typical Plane trees sheltering the traveller from the sun he painted in rich glowing oils, the ancient streets winding their way to picturesque squares and markets filled with local produce, cheeses, lavender and olive oil. Take a step off the beaten track and explore the área with an expert local guide.

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Great time in Paris! Thanks especially for the trip to the Champagne region, it was an eye opener. And the onward trip to the Loire valley was extra special. All in all, a great vacation.


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