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A photo of the Parthenon, or the blue roofs of Santorini would take most of us straight to Greece, land of legend, without blinking. Greece has been a land to visit since the beginnings of travel. Lord Byron loved the land, its tastes and its food. Whether you want to take a private yatch and sail between the islands with an experienced captain, or walk the enchanted streets of Athens, basking in the sun and waiting for the cool of evening to enjoy the fine dining, before departing into the interior to see the magnificent UNESCO sites such as Meteora or Delphi. Or perhaps even combine the wonders of the ancient Ottoman empire with a visit to modern Turkey? And complete the vacation with a week in a private villa on a secluded island in the Aegean sea, we can provide the holiday you want.


Don’t just get dragged up in a herd to the Acropolis, take a private tour to find the hidden details of the Parthenon as well as the other master works from the Golden age of Pericles, and then plunge into the old city of Plaka at the foot of the Acropolis hill, where you can wander amongst the winding alleys, or sit back and enjoy a fine meal before exploring the shops with an expert guide. Make sure you find time to visit the Acropolis museum, rated as one of the finest museums in Europe, as well as visiting the site of the first Olympic games.


The Santorini we know today, formed by a devastating eruption over 1600 years ago, is one of the most emblematic of the Greek Islands. The steep cliffs on arrival, the unique black and red beaches, and those amazing sunsets, viewed from a typical bar overlooking the sea from a cliff top . The local gastronomy is a great place to start a visit to the island, accompanied by a fine local wine. Maybe a private yatch can enhance the experience as you travel around the Cyclades Islands at your own pace. Greece is a land of islands, and there are many to explore, or to relax on. Name the island, we can get you there fast by air, or as a leisurely cruise.


Formed over 60 million years ago by a combination of earthquakes and intense weather, Meteora guarantees to take your breath away. Stunning pinacles dominate the valley like a natural versión of a modern city sky line. With a series of monasteries built on top of the rocks, we can offer Meteora as part of an itinerary travelling through mainland Greece or as a departure from Athens.


Ever thought of where you want to spend those first precious days after the wedding? A honeymoon in Greece is an easy choice. Take a few days in Athens to sample the culture and walk the streets in the evening feeling the sizzle of the sun beginning to fade, and then take a flight across the Aegean, taking in the ultramarine waters, the white architecture and a luxury hotel on the island of Santorini, relaxing in the spa and exploring the bronze age ruins. This will be a honeymoon you will never forget.

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Two days in Athens and a week travelling the islands on a privae yacht. Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks One Wish, see you next year.


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