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A country which would be in the ‘must see’ category for most visitors coming to Europe. From a gondola ride in a quiet canal in Venice, to a private stroll with an expert guide in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy has a wealth of opportunities to enjoy. Cuisine is just another facet that makes this place so special, while a week in Rome would be time well spent in itself. Hunting truffles in the Romagna, or sipping chianti in a bar as the sun sets over Tuscany. We can offer you the vacation you want, or create a package that will surprise and delight you.


Known as the city of bridges, there is much of Venice that every tourist knows, from the bridge of Sighs and the Rialto to Saint Marks Square. But there are corners we can offer where the only language is Italian, where the food is traditional, and the views over a quiet canal are senational. From here, strike out to the fashion centre of Italy, Milan, or perhaps a trip to see Florence, and enjoy exploring the Tuscan hills..


The Colosseum, The Caesars Palace, the Vatican and the Spanish Steps are all places we associate instantaneously with the Eternal City. But Rome has so much to offer. A private wine tasting tour with an expert, a private tour of the city on a vespa, or a visit beneath the streets to the eerie catacoombs. And stepping out of the city, fancy hunting for truffles in the hills around Rome? Florence is two hours away, as is the romantic Amalfi coast. Let us organise your visit.


Travelling down from Rome, and one of the most fascinating places to visit is the bay of Naples, frowned down upon by Vesuvius, the volcano which destroyed Pompeii and Herculanium. Since the ruins were discovered in the 19th century, this has fascinated visitors from around the world, and to this day, the attraction is immense. There is the possibility to travel by private boat out to the isle of Capri, and take a stroll around the island. From here you can travel to the most beautiful part of Campania, the Amalfi coast. Stop in a fabulous five star hotel in Sorrento and explore the coast by boat, travelling to Massa Lubrense and the beautifull Baia di Jeranto.


A grid of valleys, a huge maze of high walls, these are the ‘pale mountains’ in the north of Italy, and the contrast between them and the hills of Amalfi could not be more extreme. Here you an come to enjoy the slow food, the pristine mountain air or the ferrata, the ‘pre-roped’ semi climbing routes in the mountains. In the valley’s of Val Gardena, Val di Fassa or Livinallongo, the spoken language is still Ladino, and the customs are still those of the past, tied to the seasons
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Rome was great, we went to the catacoombs and the remains of Caesars Palace with Carlo and had a really fun filled couple of days. And the food was superb.


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