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A grid of valleys, a huge maze of high walls, these are the ‘pale mountains’ in the north of Italy, and the contrast between them and the hills of Amalfi could not be more extreme. Here you an come to enjoy the slow food, the pristine mountain air or the ferrata, the ‘pre-roped’ semi climbing routes in the mountains. In the valley’s of Val Gardena, Val di Fassa or Livinallongo, the spoken language is still Ladino, and the customs are still those of the past, tied to the seasons

Dolomites Italy


A visit to the South Tyrol museum of Archaeology will allow you to meet Otzi, a 5,300 year old mummy found in a glacier in 1991. His clothing was intact giving a valuable insight into the lives in the área in prehistory, and forensic investigation suggested he may have been murdered. The town of Bolzano is lined with Baroque buildings, and a guided tour of the local restaurants is a must. The local market fills the streets with fresh produce such as pasta, mushrooms, cheese and even chestnuts.


Hundreds of hiking trails criss cross the área, providing endless options for a guided tour, explaining the geology of the area. The Dolomites were formed from the fossilized remains of an ancient coral seabed, lifted by tectonic forces, and then carved into the spectacular valleys we see today by glaciation. The Puez Odle nature park is a delightful place to go with it’s views of the Alp di Siusi alpine plateau, the Sassolungo peak and the Odle group. At sunset, the mountains turn pink, purple and orange from the sky above. Alternatively, take a helicopter to the starting point each day. The best way to see the Dolomites is by air.

Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash

We came from Switzerland to Italy and One Wish suggested tis as a potential place to visit. We loved it.Poor old Otzi though!


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