Luxury Travel in Spain: Andalusia


When you travel to Granada, you are meeting history full on. The Muslim heritage towers over the city in the arresting form of the Alhambra Palace, a UNESCO lised monument, and a must see on any visit to Spain, Take a private guided tour to see the history of the Palace and it’s part in the formation of Modern Spain. Afterwards descend into the modern city of Granada, where history lies around every corner. Take a Tapas tour of the city, before a walking tour to see how so much of the past still remains in plain view. Or maybe a 4×4 tour of the Sierra Nevada, the mountains that lie beside Granada, and contain the Alpujarras, the highest villages in Spain, famed for their cured ham, and fantsatic views. 

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Take a guided gourmet tour of Andalusia, and see the province while enjoying the pleasures of the table. The tour offers the chance to visit an Eco Olive Oil bodega, and traditional cheese making industry, and a visit to see cured ham being prepared. Make your own cheese with a master cheese maker, or take a private paella class in Seville, and visit a private bodega to see the grapes converted to fne local wine, while enjoying a meal of local produce. And don’t limit yourself to simply food, A walking tour of Cordoba while stopping to try the local tapas is a great way to hear about te city, and to immerse yourself completely in the region, a Flamenco class given by a profesional in Seville. This is a great way to explore the region while being part of the landscape. Let our guides show you where and how.


The city of Marbella is known for it’s beachside culture and excellent hotels, and has now launched it’s Golf Passport offering the chance to play on six different golf courses in the área. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Port Banus, and during the day make the most of some of the best golf on the Iberian peninsular. From the Santa Clara Golf Club to Los Naranjos, this is a fantastic meeting point for golf enthusiasts. The Marbella Golf Country Club is another must do for those who like to combine travel with sport, with the chance to embrace all that Andalucia has to offer.

Meanwhile, use your base in Marbella to travel out to visit some of the cultural highlights of the region. Take a trip to see Cordoba or Seville, or a guided night time visit to the Alhambra Palace in Granada. And don’t forget to leave some free time to enjoy the beach!!

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We wanted something unusual, and One Wish suggeted a couple of days in Andalusia. We were so glad we went, the scenery was fantastic and we felt as if we were in the authentic Spain!


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