Luxury eating in Spain

Spain cuisine

Spanish cuisine stems from a selection from the many cultures that have touched upon the history of Spain. From the moorish ingredients of the Islamic past, through the rich foods brought back from the new world, to the traditional delicacies we can enjoy today, washed down with the local wines we can savour in every province, eating in Spain is a chance to sit down and enjoy. Make sure you book a tour to do at least one of the following suggestions.


Every city has it’s own particular specialities, from the Catalan sausage in Barcelona to the squid in Galicia and the tortilla in Seville. Wherever you travel, a Tapas tour is a chance to stroll through the cities, learning a little about the streets you are walking along, and the reason for the diversity you find in each plce you visit. Every tapa will have a beer or a fine wine to go with it, and every city a story. Make lunchtime into a different way to see the place you are in.


From Seville to Madrid, from Barcelona to La Coruña, one of the best way’s to explore the cuisine is to get into the kitchen with a chef, and actually learn how to make the local dish you love. And after the work comes a little play. Sit down with a fine wine and enjoy your creation with that feeling of satisfaction that comes with doing the best possible job and tasting the results.


The base of much of Spains gourmet heritage comes from the countryside, and the traditional processes which bring the subtle flavours to the table. Whether you want to visit a traditional cheese factory to see how the process is elaborated, to a vinyard with the chance to taste the local wines, or visit a bodega of olive oil and see the olives taken from the trees and converted into a staple of the Spanish diet, there is no better way to see the country and get a feel of how the gourmet history is an integral part of the culture.
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Walking the streets of Madrid trying tapas in different bars and hearing the tales of the places we were passing was a different way to explore the city. Thumbs up for that one and thanks to Raquel for the stories.


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