Luxury Travel in Spain: Ibiza

Ibiza and Formentera

The islands of Ibiza and Formentera are known from history as the Pitiusas from the times of the Carthaginians, meaning the pine-covered islands. The scent of pines in the inland hills cotrasts with the salty sea air along the azurre sea coasts. This is an island made for relaxation, from delightful beaches to amazing sunsets, and throbbing night life.
Formentera Beach Cala Sea  - OrsiO / Pixabay
Es Vedra Ibiza Mediterranean Island  - beingboring / Pixabay

Formentera and Es Vedra

Take a private yatch across the sea to the island of Formentera. Set down in the lagoon of the Ses Illetes (Seven Isles) only accesible by boat, and take a swim in a sea that has every shade of blue imaginable. From here, travel a little further to one of the best beaches in the world, in the natural park of Ses Salinas. Let a dinghy take you ashore for lunch under the awnings of the ever busy Besos Beach restaurant, and take your photo on the bench made famous by so many well known visitors.

After lunch it is back aboard to return to the island of Ibiza. First stop is the monumental and magical rock of Es Vedra, reputedly home of the Sirens who tried to lure Odysseus from his ship in the Odyssey. It is also according to myth the third most magnetic point on the planet, and the birthplace of the goddess Tanit. Leaving the myths aside, it is a wonder to visit by sea, and a photo opportunity to treasue. From here, cross to the sea to the nearby Atlantis, a sandstone quarry of Sa Pedrera, so named by the hippies living in a natural cave there in the sixties. And from here a slow journey back to Ibiza town.


The sunset in Ibiza is another must see you should definately look to notch up. Three places well worth a private transfer are the following. A table in the famous Café del Mar in San Antonio gives a fabulous view of the setting sun while you enjoy the gourmet food and perhaps a gin and tonic as the sun sets. In Cala Benirras, Sunday is the day the drums beat, the fires are lit, and the sun sets in a celebration of light and sound. Finally, a return to Es Vedra is another wonderful way to enjoy the end of the day. Take a stroll through the woods to the cliff top view point,  where the majesty of the island combines with the setting sun.

Conejera Island Sunset Ibiza Sea  - Maresfuturo / Pixabay
Beach Summer Ibiza Spain Sea  - PaulaDeme / Pixabay


Private villas witha pool, or a beachside hotel with a Spa, several bars and restaurants and views of the cobalt sea are all options in Ibiza, But if you need something far from the madding crowd, we also offer two hotels with a difference. The Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is high above the sea in the north of the island, offering fantastic views, a pool on the balcony and a chance to unwind. Alternatively, Can Curreu Hotel Rural and Spa is lodged ten minutes from the port of Santa Eulalia, and offers the quiet of a rural retreat with the gastronomía you would wish to enjoy.

woman in black bikini standing near ocean

Unforgettable day out with our private yatch to Formentera. We stopped in some fabulous beaches, had a great lunch and Miguel took us on a wonderful route back to Ibiza, visiting Es Vedra and Atlantis. I can’t wait to do it again!


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