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When we talk about Spain, we are talking about our home. Spain is a land of contrasts, and we can show it all, from a private yatch trip from Barcelona to Ibiza, to a stunning guided tour of the Alhambra Palace and a hiking trip in the Sierra Nevada

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Spain: Barcelona

Jewel of the Mediterranean, and city of gormet cuisine, high art and throbbing nightlife, Barcelona is a city that everybody wants to visit once in their lifetime, and which the visitors dream of returning to.

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Ibiza Spain

Spain: Ibiza

The islands of Ibiza and Formentera are known from history as the Pitiusas from the times of the Carthaginians, meaning the pine-covered islands. This is an island made for relaxation, from delightful beaches to amazing sunsets, and throbbing night life.

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This is a country with so much scenery, and such rich culture. From the wine growing regions of Champagne and Bordeux to the fun filled luxury of Paris, with a guided tour of the Louvre or Versailles Palace.

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A country which would be in the ‘must see’ category for most visitors coming to Europe. From a gondola ride in a quiet canal in Venice, to a private stroll with an expert guide in the ruins of Pompeii.

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The heart of Europe. Whether you want to be visiting the glacier on Jungfraujoch or savouring the rich flavours of restaurans in Bern, Switzerland can offer also excellent hotels.

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Great Britain

For historians or tourists alike, Great Britain is alive with places to see and things to do. A trip from London to Canterbury to see the catedral where Thomas Beckett was killed, combined with a trip to Dover castle to peer across the cannel to France.

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A photo of the Parthenon, or the blue roofs of Santorini would take most of us straight to Greece, land of legend, without blinking. Greece has been a land to visit since the beginnings of travel.

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From the living history of the Fes medina to the high Atlas mountains, or simply staring in wonder at the skies in the dark night of the Sahara or a private cooking class in the red city of Marrakesh. Morocco is a cultural treasure.

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Portugal is a fascinating country. From medieval villages to the academic learning of Europe’s oldest university, to the heart tugging sound of the Fado, the typical music of Portugal, accompanied by a fine wine on a Lisbon night.

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With over a millennium of history to explore, Poland is best discovered with a twin centre holiday which combines Krakow and Warsaw, three hours apart by train.
Museums, art galleries, concert halls and churches.

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Germany and Austria

Maybe you want to visit the Swarovski museum with a private guide in Innsbruck, or travel out from Munich to the Neuschwanstein castle? Let us bring the atractions nearer to you.

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Belgium & The Netherlands

When we think of Belgium and the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Brussels are the places we immediately think of, and with good reason. But both countries offer much more to justify a visit in their own right.

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Taking a cruise is a nice way to see a few spots we might not see otherwise, without losing a sense of luxury and wellbeing. We can arrange a luxury suite with a number of the best cruise liners, and arrange the transfers and departures you need. Siu back on the balcony and watch the world glide by.

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