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We have always offered private holidays and tours, and our experience has taught us that any booking will go through a complex series of changes to ensure the client recieves exactly the holiday they want.

We know the places, and we pride ourselves that we wll always provide the services and the itinerary that the client wants. If it’s ‘that’ date or ‘this’ hotel, if it’s a private villa or a bucket list of ‘must see’ places, we always expect to say ‘yes’.

So who is travelling? Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon? Taking the family to explore Europe for the first time? Or rewarding the work team with a surprise trip to a new city. We can offer all this and more. From team building to a luxury vacation with your partner, let us fill in the details and make the dream a reality.

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Spain boasts some wonderful golf courses, and many people come year after year to combine a quality golf holiday with the chance to enjoy the vibrant culture and top end cuisine. Whether you prefer the Costa del Sol and the climate of Andalusia, or the northern climes of Catalunya, we can offer excellent hotels and the chance to enjoy the surroundings. From the Westin La Quinta Golf Resort in Marbella to the excellent five star PGA Catalunya Golf in Caldes de Malavella, we can offer a selection of some of the best golf courses and hotels in Europe.

bread and wine


The world is full of flavour – simply to discover the range of tastes and colours you can meet would be a lifetime of exploration, and a lifetime well spent. From the sun filled  flavours of Spain, to the subtle flavours of cheese in Avignon or the Bernese Alps. Trying a divine chocolate in Brussels, or a glass of wine in Burgundy. Hunting for truffles in the Romagna in Italy, or sitting down to a typical mint tea in Marrakech. Get a hands on experience in the kitchen, or simply sit back and enjoy a fine wine, but make sure you book a tour to do at least one of the cullinary  suggestions we offer.

three people riding bicycle


There are so many reasons that make this brand of tourism a real alternative. The chance to slow down and see the countryside unfurl as you glide by is simply an experience you cannot get on a train or plane. Whether cycling round the streets and canals of Ámsterdam, or taking a route from the Pyrenees down to the Mediterranean sea in Catalunya, this is a chance to smell the air and plant your feet on the ground. Ecologically correct, it combines a sedate pleasure in travel with the chance to expand the senses and improve the fitness. Consider adding this to the wish list – it will add a lot to the vacation.

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Can’t find it? Don’t worry. Just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Call us on +34 93 754 05 35 or tell us what you’re looking for at We’ll make it happen.