Cheese, Iberian ham and oil

Wine tasting is a central theme to a visit to Spain. But for a gourmet experience there is a lot to explore. The olive is a central feature of the Spanish table, both as an aperitive, and in it’s refined form of Olive Oil. Creating olive oil is another traditional art, and a visit to Andalucia would miss a trick if it didn’t include a visit to an oil mill. From the traditional types of oil making to the newer Eco friendly farms, come into the mountains around Ronda and see the olives transform into the staple ingredient of Spanish Cuisine, with a tasting session to end the fiesta.

Another feature of the Spanish cuisine is a good cheese. You can order it in a restaurant as a starter or desert, but if curiosity gets you, why not come out to see where the goat’s milk is transformed by elaborate process into an artisanal cheese. And if you really want to get a hands on feel, we can arrange a cheese making class where you can make your own cheese and take it home to allow it to mature.

Cured ham is another speciality which you are going to meet in gourmet circles from a tapa in a bar beneath the Alhambra Palace in Granada to a Michellin Restaurant in Port Banus in Marbella. You can enjoy the taste and texture, with a good red wine, but if you fancy a trip into the wilds to see where the pigs are raised on acorns and how the ham is cured to perfection, why not travel out to see the whole process. And if you really want to travel back in time, take a horseback trip around the ‘finca’ and enjoy a little slow tourism.


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