Get away from everything

Sometimes you just owe it to yourself to get away from everything and clear your mind. After the last year of lock down, pandemic and mask wearing, for many people the idea of getting away to a retreat and taking away the stress is not just wish, but an urgent desire. And we can offer several options that combine the Spanish climate with the chance to take a yoga therapy, or a series of massages to ease away the cares.

A boat in Ibiza which can take you around the island and out to Formentera, with the option of two yoga sessions a day in a series of beautiful settings is just one way of getting away. If the sea sounds a little too active, a stay in a yoga retreat on the island of Ibiza may be a better bet, relaxing among the trees in the verdant north of the Island, a few minutes from wonderful beaches.

If mountain views and springs are more your style, we can offer a group retreat in the mountains above Malaga, with a touch of luxury added. Besides a variety of yoga options, there are also some massage options to try, and walking in the mountains.

Alternatively, a women’s retreat in Catalunya could be a great way to recharge the batteries. Switch off the mobile phone, enjoy a therapeutic yoga class, an oil bath with four hands massage and a group meditation session at a five star Ayurveda retreat in the scented pine woods overlooking the sea on the Costa Brava.

Finally if you need a great hotel within sight of the sea, the five star Asia Garden hotel near Alicante can offer a Thai massage centre to smooth away the creases and refresh the mind, with a selection of bars and restaurants.


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