Holiday Types

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We have always offered private holidays and tours, and our experience has taught us that any booking will go through a complex series of changes to ensure the client recieves exactly the holiday they want.

We know the places, and we pride ourselves that we wll always provide the services and the itinerary that the client wants. If it’s ‘that’ date or ‘this’ hotel, if it’s a private villa or a bucket list of ‘must see’ places, we always expect to say ‘yes’.

So who is travelling? Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon? Taking the family to explore Europe for the first time? Or rewarding the work team with a surprise trip to a new city. We can offer all this and more. From team building to a luxury vacation with your partner, let us fill in the details and make the dream a reality.

Family Holidays


Something for all the family is the trademark for the vacation the whole family will remember. Stepping out of the five star Disneyland hotel in Paris, meeting the characters as you enjoy the local cuisine in the evening, combines with a visit to Paris taking in the sights on a Ratatouille themed guided tour, is just one of the many suggestions we can offer. A visit to the Harry Potter Studio in London, or a trip to the stunning Leeds castle in Kent. Bring the holiday alive for the whole family.

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Honeymoon Holidays


The most romantic vacation of your lives can happen in the best honeymoon destinations in the world. And why see just one place. Combine the pleasure of a Seine cruise and evening meal in Paris with a beachside holiday in Ibiza or Barcelona. Whether you want to be treading the grapes in a famous vinyard in the Penedes región, or savouring the crystal air and enduring snow on a peak in Switzerland before a private chocolate tasting excursion, we can suggest some of the best places to eat, visit and treasure. Reserve that suite you always wanted in Santorini, or that restaurant in Venice. Let a personal guide show you the sights of Rome, but let your free time be yours, not a whirlwind of visits and morning alarm calls.

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Solo holidays


Do you just need some time to get out of your bubble and see something you always wanted to see? A hot air balloon as the sun rises over the Pyrenees, a night in a tent on the edge of the Sahara Desert, an artisanal brewery in modern Athens, followed bu a private yatch to Mykonosos in the Agean sea? Sometimes you need to just get away from yourself and see something you always wanted to. Ride a horse across the Carmargue. Join a friendly group of fellow travellers or do what you always wanted to do alone – step out of your confort zone!

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Couple Holidays


Make some time for yourselves, and take that trip you always dreamed of doing. A private yacht from Ibiza to Formentera, swimming in the azurre seas of the lagoon, or hiking through the sun baked peaks of the Sierra Nevada above Granada. Take a well deserved meal in a typical restaurant in the centre of Rome, or visit the Tattinger champagne cellars, and try the best champagne. And don’t forget that hotel in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It’s about both of you.

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three men and one woman laughing during daytime


That university reunion visit turns into a weekend in Seville, or perhaps the whole family want to visit London together to experience the city you always wanted to say you’d been to? Or perhaps your staff have worked a phenomenal year and it’s time to reward them with a trip to Barcelona, and a group holiday. Whatever, tell us who is going, where you think would be fun, and an idea of the experiences you want them to savour, and we will do the rest.

Make your wish come true…


Can’t find it? Don’t worry. Just because it’s not here, doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Call us on +34 93 754 05 35 or tell us what you’re looking for at We’ll make it happen.